5 Principles for Creativity

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The five principles of creativity are imagination, innovation, aesthetics, entrepreneurship, and manifestation.

Being principle-led helps drive clarity on what is important to you. It will align you to what matters, reflecting your values and tastes, which will ultimately lead you to create a unique artistic identity that is aesthetically pleasing to you, acting as a moral compass on what you do and how.

The five principles for creativity are:

1. Imagination

Create, design, and make new things with childlike imagination and discovery by seeing the unseen and navigating the journey to get there by evoking magic and delight, dreaming up what doesn't exist, and turning your imagination into art.

2. Innovation

Dream up and bring novel ideas to life in a practical form. This can be infused in products, services, or experiences, which create commercial value or positive societal benefits. Revel in finding the future by tinkering with and experimenting with technologies and cross-pollinating across multiple domains in the creative arts and beyond to make art that adds value.

3. Aesthetic

Blend art and science with excellence in craftsmanship by anticipating future trends inspired by culture and aesthetics connected to emotions and imagination. Be minimal in the spirit of less is more by concentrating on the essentials only. Let your craftsmanship be laser-focused to the last detail because care and accuracy show mindfulness and respect for your audience.

4. Entrepreneurialism

Fearlessly lead toward invisible horizons by applying a do-it-yourself sensibility to finding the future by being adaptive, persistent, and resilient in bringing new solutions to market. Be independent-minded and self-sufficient from start to finish, always finding the alternative by rejecting the banal and status quo in your own voice and style.

5. Manifestation

Light the way into the future by taking "what is not" and making it "what can be" by bringing meaning to the humdrum and breaking through conventional values, tastes, and perceptions. Connect emotionally with people across every culture and walk of life worldwide, making it relatable and understandable by providing purpose and meaning.

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