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The creative process initiates and transforms an idea into actualization by bringing it to fruition through three steps—Dream, Make, and Do.

How do we find creativity? Do we simply dream up ideas from within ourselves, what we manifest from what we observe and the world we live in, or do ideas fall from the sky, and gravitate toward us?

Every single creative will tell you that there is no on and off button for creativity. It is a constant that happens naturally, by design, or by accident in our everyday lives. Though the creative process may seem magical, especially where ideas can come from and how they are brought to form and life, there are proven techniques, tools, methods, frameworks, and approaches to the art and science of applied creativity that make it happen.

Ideas only change things by doing the work. This approach originates and brings ideas to actualization by creating new and original products, services, or experiences that have commercial and societal value. It is about discovering and developing insight, involving divergent thinking to analyze a problem, generating ideas, constructing and critiquing a plan of action to bring it to life.

The three phases are dream, make, and do. In the FIRST phase think as an outsider with childlike imagination and wonder, to gain an analytical, external view of the challenge. Then dream purposeful breakthrough ideas and brainstorm ideal solutions without frontiers to find the future. Use divergent thinking to conceive creative and radical ideas. In the SECOND phase adopt a maker mindset. Using convergent thinking to review and select best ideas, rapidly prototype and construct a plan. The THIRD phase is that of doing with agility. Review the solution in order to identify improvements, obstacles, or risks. Improve the solution then rigorously execute and make it real by bringing it all together and activate impactfully with desired audiences and markets. The sequence is iterative and constant.

Learn about how the creative process initiates and transforms an idea into actualization, supported by true stories and perspectives from creative industry experts about their innovative techniques, keys to success, and pitfalls to avoid.

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