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Manifesto for creative culture curation.

Art is culture, and culture is everywhere, connecting to our imagination, which might otherwise be untapped. Cultures are defined by the people who live and function within them. In the same demographic, two cultures created simultaneously, pursuing the same ideals, will still become two very different entities. Why? Because people are different. When people come together in the service of something greater, they retain their own unique personalities, passions, hopes, and dreams. The shared experiences and constant interactions between people make up a culture. Culture is the engine that drives our momentum. It is the sum of what you feel, believe, and do that shapes and defines your work's input and output.

The principles for curating creative cultures are:


Leading by action to find the future by breaking through the status quo is leadership. Leaders create clarity by synthesizing complex concepts. They generate energy by inspiring optimism, creativity, and growth, and they deliver success by driving innovation and tenaciously pursuing the right outcomes.


This means rejecting conventions and originating new ideals. Do-it-yourself refers to the rebellious impetuosity of non-conformity with direct action and not selling out; doing it in your own style and pace. Embrace challenge, accept failure, persist in the face of setbacks, and learn by doing as the path to mastery.


Being passionately dedicated to your craft evokes wonder and discovery. Remaining honest, trustworthy, and responsible by taking pride in everything you do helps you achieve the highest quality craft and professional excellence levels.


It is important to collaborate when exploring new ideas, finding innovative solutions, and not being afraid to learn. Collaboration is the cross-pollination and sharing of knowledge across multiple domains by combining individuals' intellectual capital and know-how.


Stand on the shoulders of giants by seeking counsel from people you trust, respect, and admire. Find positive role models who can share their skills, insights, and expertise to help nurture your ideas. Understand and respect history, and infuse best practices into finding the future to truly innovate and not reinvent the wheel.

Learn about how to create and curate creative cultures in the performing arts and business.

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