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Creativity Without Frontiers: A Conversation with Dean Kate Newell and Roy Sharples at SCAD

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

In a vibrant exchange of ideas, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) recently played host to a captivating dialogue between Dean Kate Newell, the luminary at the helm of the School of Liberal Arts, and Roy Sharples, the dynamic Founder and CEO of Unknown Origins Creative Studios. The theme of the day? "Creativity Without Frontiers."

As Sharples proudly declared, Unknown Origins Creative Studios is on a mission to rescue the world from the clutches of unoriginality, unleashing the raw potential of creativity across various domains. It's not merely a design studio but a catalyst for innovative products, services, and experiences. Sharples, the driving force behind this endeavor, spoke passionately about the commitment to creativity that fuels their strategy, brand creation, storytelling, and envisioning services.

The Unconventional Journey to Unknown Origins Creative Studios

The conversation took an intriguing turn as Sharples delved into his unconventional career path, marked by diverse experiences in software design, subway systems, and telecommunications. His "foot in the door" moments were not defined by a grand plan but by an instinctive, zig-zag progression, showcasing an inherent messiness and a constant reinvention.

For recent graduates eyeing the corporate landscape, Sharples distilled his journey into three vital "Dos": master your craft and be exceptional at it, seek guidance from trusted mentors, and recognize that failure is integral to mastery.

Creativity Without Frontiers: Unveiling the Book

At the heart of Sharples' creative journey lies his book, "Creativity Without Frontiers." Drawing on decades of experience in business innovation, Sharples explores the conditions that nurture creativity and unveils a manifesto for harnessing inspiration. The book emphasizes the art and science of the creative process: Dream, Make, and Do.

Sharples introduced the CREATIVE EXCELLENCE MODEL, a framework encompassing five principles—Imagination, Innovation, Aesthetics, Entrepreneurship, and Manifestation. This model, honed at the forefront of building beloved brands and leading multinational teams, is a testament to the constant evolution and synthesis required in the creative industry.

The Future of Creative Industries

As the dialogue turned toward the future, Sharples offered insights into the impact of technological disruption on creative industries. He foresees a gig economy where individuals juggle multiple roles simultaneously, emphasizing the need to be an ever-evolving expert in one's craft. Despite the encroachment of intelligent technologies, Sharples believes in using them as enablers to invent solutions beyond current human capabilities.

His advice to creatives entering the field is to keep an open mind, master their craft excellently, and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset. Sharples stresses the importance of creativity in a future where technology can expedite routine tasks, freeing humans to engage in more fulfilling roles that have yet to be defined.

In conclusion, "Creativity Without Frontiers" serves as a book title and a rallying cry for those who seek to redefine the boundaries of creativity. Roy Sharples' journey, insights, and the framework he presents beckon aspiring creatives to unleash their imaginative prowess, transcend conventional norms and embrace the limitless potential of their creative minds.

To embark on your journey of creativity without frontiers, delve into inspiration and innovation, and discover the untapped potential within.

Learn more about how to create without frontiers by unleashing the creative power within us.

"Creativity Without Frontiers"

About the Speaker

Founder and CEO of Unknown Origins Creative Studios, is in the fight against unoriginality by unleashing creative bravery. Author of "Creativity Without Frontiers: How to make the invisible visible by lighting the way into the future."

About the Facilitator

Dean of the School of Liberal Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her research includes adaptation and intersections of literature and visual culture. She is the author of Expanding Adaptation Networks: From Illustration to Novelization.

Attitude. Imagination. Execution.

Unknown Origins Creative Studios. All rights reserved © copyright 2021

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