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societies are a catalyst for inspiring creativity and sociocultural movements, where people can realize their full potential and live more enriched, fulfilled, and happy lives.

Metropolises inspire creativity as a space for social integration, dreaming, making, and doing, where citizens can realize their full potential to live more enriched, fulfilled, and happy lives. Combined with the chemistry of individual human ingenuity, creative breakthroughs are a human process that happens when a diverse community of like-minded, purpose-led, and mission-driven creative people comes together.

Societies are a catalyst for creating influential art and sociocultural movements. This can be seen from the Ancient Egyptian Memphis, Classical Athens and Renaissance Florence to the French Revolution and Romanticism in Paris, to postwar New York and London. Historically, industrial cities like Detroit, Glasgow, and Manchester have an engrained maker and doer ethos, and port towns such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, and Liverpool have a constant exchange, diversity of people, and international trade. The modern-day digital revolution was born in Silicon Valley within the San Francisco Bay Area of California, with its burgeoning start-up and global technology innovation scene and its culture of openness and free exchange of ideas.

Creativity is a way of living. Creative hubs and the experiences gleaned through entrepreneurship and innovation improve people's lives, making societies more productive and improving the places where we live, work, and play. Setting the right conditions for the urban revolution is essential for a better life and society.

Designing and operating a society is like a mixing desk that takes all the sources and attributes of society—cultural, economic, political, and technological—and, considering how to prioritize, combine, mix, and change the level and dynamics, brings them together into solutions that will deliver the outcome you want the society to be based on: the goals, principles, and policies you set, and how you operate and execute them.

The bottom line is that a creative society is where people are open-minded and have broad perspectives to overcome prejudices and obstacles. They feel empowered, free, and safe to express themselves and create without fear, and they approach problem solving openly and innovatively by trying out new ideas and ways of thinking and doing.

You cannot simply throw money at creative pursuits and expect instant results. It is a social system—made up of a network of relationships connected by a distinguishable similarity of spirit and shared values—which gravitates toward a coherent whole between individuals, groups, communities, cities, nations, corporations, and industries.

Learn about how societies can be a catalyst for inspiring creativity where people can unlock their creative confidence and realize their full potential.

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