Creativity Is

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Creative people are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

The ability to be creative exists within everyone. It manifests itself in every domain and profession, and at any age. You never lose the ability to be creative. In fact, creativity increases with time, because we all gain more knowledge and insight as we experience more of life Life events provide us with more reference points and the knowledge gained through experiencing them, combined with our imagination, maintains our childlike wonder throughout life.

Creativity Is...

Doviak, Musician

"Diving into the abyss of the unknown and searching for a thread of familiarity to pull yourself out with."

Anita Kunz OC DFA, Artist

"When I make art I don't always think logically."

Jonathan Burns, Fashion Entrepreneur

"Setting your mind free."

Alicia Samuel, Executive

"The ability to let your authentic self shine through so you can provide a unique point of view."

Professor Clive Grinyer, Designer

"Something that is really important right now."

Lucas Sharples, Photographer

"Seeing the unseen."

Miles Macleod, DJ

"Connecting the past with the now and creating the future."

Roy Sharples, Entrepreneur

"Fearlessly leading without frontiers by creating something new that moves the world forward."

Cathy Murphy, Actor

"See something different to everyone else."

Ben Thornley, Filmmaker

"The heart of the human condition."

Spencer Stander, Producer

"Creativity simply is creativity."

David Llama, Creative Director

"The ability to look for different solutions with an open mind and then trusting your instinct to choose the better option."

Gary Burt, Service Designer

"Having the courage to be different."

Diane Johnston, Transformational Coach

"The expression of your unique blend of brilliance."

Dave Gartenberg, Executive

"Creativity is the oxygen for innovation, and innovation is our oxygen for life."

Billy Sangster, Musician

"Taking your ideas and dreams and turning them into reality."

Professor Malcolm Garrett MBE RBI, Graphic Designer

"Learning that if you want to find a genuinely new idea, don't go looking for it."

Victoria Milne, Maker

"Not always following the brief."

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Creative Direction

Roy Sharples at Unknown Origins


Ben Thornley at Sitcom Soldiers


Roy Sharples is the founder and CEO of Unknown Origins, a creative design studio to save the world from unoriginality by unleashing creative power. Author of "Creativity Without Frontiers: How to make the invisible visible by lighting the way into the future." Curator of the world's community-driven storytelling platform that provides everyone access to insights and content from creators worldwide.

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Whilst travelling through America and stumbling upon Hollywood, taken aback and moved by the endless possibilities, it led him down the path he has since excelled in - creating inspired content for delivery over a global p