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Manifesto for Entrepreneurship

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Entrepreneurs are innovators with an insatiable curiosity to light the way into the future by creating solutions to real-life problems we didn't know existed but cannot live without once realized. They break through the status quo to find new horizons by moving, shaking, and disrupting the world by mastering the art and science of conjuring up and bringing ideas to life that create value. Thriving in transformative change by tapping into their inner grit and persistence, and stay the course. Entrepreneurship is essential in society because it drives innovative change, where new and improved products, services, and experiences activate new markets to be created, generating wealth creation and improving people's lives.

The ten principles for entrepreneurship are:

1. Having a viable business with a clearly differentiated value proposition is priority #1

Know your industry and business, have an effective strategy with a clear value proposition, understand and adapt to market changes agilely, and rigorously execute at speed. Hold yourself accountable for your actions and have a social conscience and empathy for the environment by continuously managing innovation that powers the products you design, make, sell, and the businesses you run.

2. Find the future through business model innovation

Seek to radically innovate by introducing new ways of doing things by disrupting existing or creating new markets, where your invention dismantles and surpasses an existing business model and the status quo that surrounds it. In the business continuum, this typically equates to taking higher risks that can offer higher returns. Have more inspirational objectives, and be willing to experiment, reimagine, and design for the new with fewer inhibitors.

3. Take the stand against oppressive forces through authentic Creative expression without fear of retaliation

Overcome prejudices and obstacles by feeling empowered, free, and safe to express yourself and create without fear, and approach problem solving openly and innovatively by trying out new ideas and ways of thinking and doing.

4. Ideas only change things by doing the work

Although it starts with a dream full of passion and enthusiasm that challenges the status quo. "Imagine if…", "What if...?" Real alchemy is in the execution of the creative process and having the bias for action, and seeing the end through by turning your ideas into solutions that create value.

5. Be masterful at your craft by making the difference

The pursuit of achieving greatness means being committed to your craft and be exceptional at it. Achieving peak performance means self-discipline and having a mindset that guides your choices, decisions, and actions. Making sacrifices to learn, grow, and develop essential skills.

6. Recognize that failure is essential to mastery

Embrace challenges, persist when confronted with setbacks, continuously learn, and keep moving forward to pursue excellence and self-actualization.

7. Embrace originality and make unique connections between disparate universes past and present to light the way into the future

Stand on the shoulders of giants by using existing knowledge by learning from past pioneers and building upon their innovations rather than reinventing the wheel. It is essential to collaborate when exploring new ideas, finding and bringing innovative solutions. Collaboration is the cross-pollination and sharing of knowledge across multiple domains and disciplines by combining individuals' intellectual capital and know-how to accelerate ideation, co-creation, and innovation.

8. Tomorrow belongs to those who can see it coming

Most people tend to judge something in the present by its complexity, production value, and acceptability, when its actual value may lie in the future. Perceive and understand the context of a novel idea or invention and how it will be used in the future. David Bowie accurately predicted in the 1990s that the impact of the Internet ion how music would get made and consumed, where it has become the norm that Musicians now make music, perform live, and engage with fans online, making it accessible, affordable, and convenient to experience music from anywhere at any time.

9. Lead without frontiers

Creative leaders have confidence in their ideas, and never give up on bringing them to fruition. It means leading without frontiers by seeing around the corners and fearlessly navigating into the future.

10. It is all about attitude, imagination, and execution

Never forget that the only person who is holding you back is you. Everything you need is already inside of you. Your key is to focus your passion and energy by making the right decisions and have the ambition and persistence to see it through to the end.

Follow your heart and do what you love by falling in love with your craft, pursue it with intensity, and be exceptional at it. Free yourself from others' expectations and walk away from the games and boundaries they impose upon you. Only you know your true worth!

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Roy Sharples

Founder and CEO of Unknown Origins, a creative studio on a mission to save the world from unoriginality by unleashing the power of creativity. Author of "Creativity Without Frontiers: How to make the invisible visible by lighting the way into the future."

Attitude. Imagination. Execution.

Unknown Origins. All rights reserved © copyright 2021

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