Manifesto for Musicianship

Updated: Dec 1, 2021


Johnny Marr has spent the last four decades blending the art and science of his craft as a musical pioneer by connecting to the chords of our soul, influencing popular culture, inspiring thousands of musicians, and affecting millions of people's lives through his music.

I spent two glorious summer days with Johnny, in his industrial-chic converted factory studio in Manchester to produce the documentary "Creativity in the Digital Age," about his creative process, why sustained creativity is a true differentiator, and how he has been able to regularly break through the status quo and embolden others to do it by becoming a role model for true ingenuity.

Johnny Marr's five principles for creativity are:

1 Imagination

A dreamer, maker, and doer who expresses himself by using the guitar as a wand to turn his imagination into art. Technology innovation has helped democratize the music-making process and influenced how he works by enabling him to experiment