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How to make the invisible visible

by lighting the way into the future 



Since the first human crawled deep into a cave to make art, creativity has flourished among rebels and risk-takers, mavericks and visionaries. 


But if creativity thrives among outsiders, how can it be nurtured inside large organizations? How can you build a team that works together to solve real problems while leaving room for individual inspiration? How can you ignite the creative spark with-out burning down the building?

Roy Sharples draws on decades of experience at the vanguard of business innovation and a deep affinity for applying an artistic instinct to explore these questions and offer novel solutions. 


Building on a broad survey of the misfits who defined the modern world, from Dada to Elon Musk and Bauhaus to Acid House, he explores what makes the creative mind tick. He also examines the conditions that nourish creativity in organizations of all sizes, from artists to corporations to civilizations.

The result is a manifesto for harnessing inspiration and unleashing the creative power we all have inside.








“For many people, creativity is mysterious and elusive. It is the domain of artists writers and thinkers. And yet, creative thinking is actually accessible to everyone. In his new book, Roy Sharples helps to reveal the process that can help anyone think and live more creatively.”



Roy Sharples

Roy writes about saving the world from banality by unleashing everyone's creative confidence.

An entrepreneur, Roy is the founder and CEO of Unknown Origins, where he directs its creative and business output that defines its unique brand, portfolio of assets, and solutions.