A consumer-led, instant gratified celebrity culture fuels the world, everyone looks the same, and everything is for sale. Social media, mobility, and the internet dominate our daily lives, where people have an insatiable appetite to be engaged by and curiosity for authentic experiences and content. 

People of action are always future-oriented. They are the dreamers, makers, and doers—the people who start things, move the world forward and inspire others. Swimming fearlessly against the tide in search of the authentic and new while staving off false promises of easy gratification and immediate success. Infusing imagination, taste, style, and inherent messiness with inner desperation, persistence, and desire to succeed.
The defining question is a stalemate: should you be acceptable to others or to yourself? Reject conventional perceptions and the restrictions imposed on you by unleashing your true creative confidence, believing in yourself and your ideas, always moving forward, and never giving up!

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Knowing that ridicule is nothing to be scared of

If your efforts are met with ridicule, all you have to do is find your inner conviction that you are doing the right thing, navigating toward invisible horizons by anticipating future trends inspired by culture and aesthetics to drive sustained discovery, invention, and innovation. It's a sure sign that what you do is bold and innovative if you're dancing to your own drumbeat. Pay no mind to ridicule.


Never be "Another Brick in the Wall"

Dream, make, and do. Be in the moment. Push forward for the greater good with true grit. Conformity never leads to progress. If you have something authentically different to offer, you'll excite and inspire others and ultimately thrive by lighting the way to the future.


Lead without frontiers

Fearlessly lead by example and win the crowd by navigating territory where no one else has ventured. Avoid the mainstream and work to develop a deeper relationship between yourself and your audience. Be authentic, live in the moment with conviction and confidence, and always stay true to yourself.


Keeping true to the dreams of your youth and create outside the boundaries

Reject conventions, constantly analyze, and question and challenge the status quo in your everyday life. Provide an alternative and bring it to life. People who achieve greatness do not fit a formula or follow a structure. They break the mold by following their own path.


Provoking actions that change minds

Pablo Picasso believed all children are artists, but they lose their creativity when they grow up. Grow into, not out of, creativity. Don't give up the dreams of your childhood and your approach to the world through a child's eyes. Learn, innovate, and never waste a second on anything that seems to restrict you.


Unknown Origins is on a mission to save the world from banality by unleashing the creative confidence of artists, entrepreneurs, educators, and businesses. Blending the art and science of aesthetics, narrative creation, storytelling, and excellence in craftsmanship by transcending the ordinary and routine to create brand experiences that capture the imagination and connect the chords of the soul by building capability, engage audiences, and cultivate brand lovers.


Roy Sharples

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unknown Origins, Roy leads the creative and business output that defines the companies unique brand and mission. He has a global track record of innovation delivered through building and growing beloved brands, bringing new products and services to market profitably, creating growth businesses at scale and start-ups from the ground up.