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Unleashing Creativity Without Frontiers

Updated: May 26

Creativity has always thrived among rebels and risk-takers, but how can it be nurtured within the confines of large organizations? Roy Sharples, founder and CEO of Unknown Origins Creative Studios, provides a compelling answer in his inaugural book, "Creativity Without Frontiers: How to make the invisible visible by lighting the way into the future." In this overview, we delve into what makes this book essential, its contents, and why it matters.

ABOUT The Author

Since the dawn of human expression, creativity has found a home among rebels, mavericks, and visionaries. Roy Sharples, with decades of experience at the forefront of business innovation, brings his unique perspective to the table. His deep affinity for applying an artistic instinct has birthed a manifesto for harnessing inspiration and unleashing the creative power within us all.

Why It Matters

Creativity, often associated with outsiders, needs a new home within the walls of large organizations. Sharples tackles the challenge of building teams that not only solve real problems but also leave room for individual inspiration. He explores the delicate balance of igniting the creative spark without burning down the building, drawing on lessons from misfits who defined the modern world.

Contents Overview

Chapter 1: Philosophy in the Bedroom

In this foundational chapter, Sharples explores what creativity is, why it matters, and what difference it makes. The essence lies in aspiring to be as influential as the things that inspire us, while simultaneously defining our unique structure and style. Constraints, barriers, principles, and standards become the critical tools for self-expression.

Chapter 2: The Modernists, Mavericks, and Misfits

True artists are outsiders, rebels with a cause—themselves. Sharples highlights the impact sustained creativity has on society, using examples from Dada to Elon Musk. These mavericks transcend the status quo, becoming models for ingenuity and positive change.

Chapter 3: Pop Culture Reflects Time

The book delves into how popular culture reflects and shapes time, connecting society, entertainment, politics, fashion, and technology. By standing on the shoulders of giants and learning from history, one can avoid reinventing the wheel in creative pursuits.

Chapter 4: Creative Societies

Societies act as catalysts for inspiring creativity, leading to enriched, fulfilled lives. Sharples explores how societies nurture sociocultural movements, enabling individuals to realize their full potential.

Chapter 5: Chaos to Culture

The journey of nurturing a culture of creativity is explored in this chapter. Through a do-it-yourself sensibility and a social system that encourages fearless creation, Sharples provides proven examples from creative industry experts.

Chapter 6: Aesthetics in Love – The Creative Process

The creative process, from initiation to actualization, is unveiled. Dream, Make, and Do are the three steps explored, supported by real stories and perspectives from creative industry experts.

Chapter 7: Leading Without Frontiers

The book concludes with insights into creative leadership values, principles, and competencies. Sharples introduces the five learning stages and personas of creative leadership, providing a roadmap for building creative competency in teams and organizations.

Listening In: Chapter 1 - Philosophy in the Bedroom

Experience the book firsthand by listening to the reading of the first chapter, where Sharples sets the stage for the enlightening journey ahead.

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Roy Sharples

Founder and CEO of Unknown Origins Creative Studios, is in the fight against unoriginality by unleashing creative bravery. Author of "Creativity Without Frontiers: How to make the invisible visible by lighting the way into the future."

Attitude. Imagination. Execution.

Unknown Origins Creative Studios. All rights reserved @ 2021.

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